The Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English provides an additional qualification for educators wishing to enhance their résumé and skills in ESP, and tests examinees’ knowledge in three areas: Professional Skills, Methodology and Materials, and Basic Business Awareness.

The Course:
The aim of this course is to provide participants with developed competencies considered as best practice in teaching of Business English. These techniques and methodologies are combined with elements aimed at understanding basic business concepts in a preparatory course for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International’s Qualifications for the Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English, (FTBE). The programme involves two main components:

  • A self-preparation course based on the Teaching Business English materials;
  • A five day How-to-Pass course focusing on the three key elements found on the examination.

Other elements include:

  • Classroom management;
  • Needs Analysis;
  • The use of authentic materials;
  • The creation of bespoke material.

Why do teachers take the FTBE?

  • To improve their teaching expertise;
  • To become better prepared to respond to the changing needs of English teaching;
  • To teach abroad;
  • To work in the private education sector;
  • For professional recognition in LCCI Examination Centres.

Course requirements:

a) Graduate native speakers: basic English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or language teaching experience;
b) Non-native speaker English teachers: a first degree plus experience in teaching English.

Participants are expected to have an English level ranging from a high B2 to a C1.

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