The Modular DELTA consists of three modules, each of which links into and supports the others. It is recommended to do them one at a time and in the order they are presented below. UP Language Consultants does not offer the Distance DELTA.

Module One: Your performance will be assessed by an exam, which consists of two papers of 90 minutes each with a 30 minute break between them.

Module Two: Your performance will be assessed by:

  • Written assignment – PDA – You must complete a 5000 word written assignment divided into two halves. The first half is a 2500 word evaluation of your own teaching practice, the second half a 2500 word evaluation of a teaching technique or method that is new to you.
  • 4 assessed teaching assignments – LSAs – You must teach 2 unassessed and 4 assessed lessons. Each teaching assignment is observed by a tutor and includes a 2500 word background written assignment. Your last teaching assignment will be externally assessed.
  • 10 peer observations  – You must observe 10 lessons of your fellow attendees’ teaching. This invariably involves travelling around a bit.

Module Three: Module Three consists entirely of a single written assignment of 4000-4500 words in which you design a course for a particular group of learners.

Course Tutors: Damian Williams, Mavis Radley, and Bjarne Vonsild.

Registration: It is essential that candidates have plenty of free time, self-discipline and a great deal of energy. It is recommended that potential candidates also have at least 4 years previous teaching experience with adult learners and a degree or pre-service teaching certificate, for example CELTA, or equivalent.

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